Prior to starting Software Copywriting, I undertook to combine my passion for communicating with my interest in things nerdy. I have given a series of introductory classes in the use of an Arduino at local hackerspaces and maker spaces.

Here is some feedback on these classes:

“This was a great intro to Arduino and gave me a running start. Jud is so knowledgeable about the subject that he could set a doctoral program. If you go, be sure to ask about thorium.” — Don Spears

“Wonderful.” — Edward Bujak

“I really enjoyed the class and definitely learned a few useful things. Looking forward to more!” — Carter Shadden

“I had a great time learning about Arduino and practicing some basics. Jud is a great teacher! He made this novice understand and not feel overwhelmed by all the information. Very informative and fun class!” — Jenn Thomson

“Awesome class. Well informative and Jud was a great instructor. This may sound crazy but three hours is not enough time. I’m very much interested in other Arduino classes that are offered to add to my repertoire.” — Dwayne

“This was an excellent class!” — Hans Chen

“A really wonderful place to start for a beginner. The class covers a lot!” — Ashlan Williams

“Jud’s class is a great jumpstart to the world of Arduino, with a good mix of presentation and hands-on work.”
— Derek Boudreau

“Great! Really good introduction.” — kebernet 

“Jud was great! Really helped us get from zero to coding and building our project. Highly recommend this to any one who is legitimately interested!” — Auri Aniu

“Have you ever wondered how LED lights can be programmed to work at your command? This awesome class will show you how to do that while learning how to use Arduino and even how electricity works in the process. There is a plethora of activities that can be acomplished with an Arduino, and this class gives you the keys to open the door.” — Ricardo Zepeda

“Fantastic introductory class! It definitely helped me get a good understanding of the Arduino.” — Charlie Skinner

“This was a good class! Moved along at an easy pace and gave solid background info, too!” — KnowWhere LLC

“Very helpful introduction to the world of Arduino! Great choice of kit to go with the class. Thank you, Jud!” — Matthew Read

“Great way to dip your toes into the Arduino world and practice the basics of its many application potentials.” — Streetcat

“Great event. Thanks to Jud and Irm for teaching/organizing. Nice meeting everyone. Looking forward to the next one.”  — Joe

“Great!… It was a very informative session. I plan to use this as a springboard to other projects. A bit much to absorb with my ancient brain cells but by listening closely and help from my neighbors at the table, my led string actually does what it was designed to do. Now I need to play with it to learn the impact of changes to the script.” — CD Mitchell